Text Devised by Davit Gabunia & Data Tavadze 
Set / Costume Design by Keti Nadibaidze
With: Paata Inauri, Giorgi Korganashvili, Giorgi Sharvashidze, Gaga Shishinashvili, Kato Kalatozishvili, Iako Chilaia, Keta Shatirishvili, Magda Lebanidze

The biography of a single person can serve as a concentrated history of entire country. Where does the border between a biography and history blur?

25 years have passed since Georgia declared its independence. During this performance, eight individuals will disclose the history of their homeland, Georgia, to which they are equal in age. Their narratives give birth to a personal mythology. Here, every person is a hero and every hero is bound like Prometheus.

The daring and often provocative Royal District Theatre presents a bold, political play in which great tragedy occurs only to satisfy the cravings of their audience.

Following its international success (Women of Troy), the Royal District Theatre's young troupe returns to performing contemporary theatrical pieces with which they attempt to make audiences aware of the problems and issues of concern in today's world.


Premiere: Sept 30, 2016 / Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre - Georgian Showcase 

Duration: 120 minutes

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