Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe and ROYAL DISTRICT THEATRE in frames of Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre presents Georgian-premiere of 
Directed by DATA TAVADZE
Stage and Costume by SEBASTIAN HANNAK

Annagerlinde Dodenhoff / Timo Tank / Antonia Mohr / Sonja Viegener / Gunnar Schmidt / Alexander Küsters

In 1937, during the Great Terror numerous Georgian artists and intellectuals fell as victims of Stalin’s purges, including over 100 writers. What happens when the State establishes a total control and tries to exterminate every single attempt of free expression?

Tiger and Lion is a fictional play, though based on true stories, where characters have no names. They are collective images, combining the biographies from the bloody history of Soviet Georgia. Tizian Tabidze, Olga Okujava, Mikjeil Javakhishvili... are among those whose tragic destinies are reflected in the play; centering on Paolo Iashvili’s “provocative” suicide, at the former Writers’ Union (Machabeli Street), the tragedy witnessed by stuffed figures of the lion and the tiger, kept in the same house up till present.

In German-Georgian co-production the director Data Tavadze and the playwright Davit Gabunia together with the German actors of Staatstheater Karlsruhe present a distanced and strict analysis of the tragic events. The artistic team attempts to find the starting points from where “history should start”.

The production was supported by Goethe Institut.…/intern…/23/vepkhvi-da-lomi

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