Devised play based on the interviews of Caucasian women war-survivals and Women of Troy by Euripides. 
Concept and Staging by DATA TAVADE 
Premiere was held on May 23, 25, 27 on Swedish Theatre Biennale 2013
Duration: 85 minutes  Without Intermission
The devised play is based on the deconstruction of Euripides’ iconic tragedy to narrate the story of Georgian women from 1990-ies up to present. The war experiences of these women used as verbatim material is the core of the play - vicious circle of violence against women remains unchanged through centuries - Women’s needs in war time are often neglected, their complaints unheard. The show is an attempt to give the voice to the silenced and present post-Soviet Georgian history through women’s narratives, where personal becomes political. 5 young actresses offer a journey through the unknown world of wars at outskirts of Europe. 

Women of Troy was premiered in May 2013 at the Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts. Public interest was so great that extra performances had to be organized. “It is a boundlessly beautiful performance, but aesthetic quality creates no barriers between the women and the audience - it is timeless and agonizingly relevant... and I am once again reminded of what fantastic actors Georgia has.” (Margareta Sörenson - Expressen)

Opened on May 21 in frames of The Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts

Duration: 80 minutes 
Tour: The Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts (Joskopping)
Moment:Teater (Stockholm), BOZAR - Brussels (Belgium)   
Three Land's Festival (Zittau, Germany), Festival Premieres (Karlsruhe, Germany),
Sibiu International Festival of Theatre (Romania), Shakespeare Theatre (Gdansk, Poland),
Chekhov Festival Youth Forum (Minsk, Belarus), HeatBatumi (Georgia),
FAST FORWARD - Festival for European Young Directors (Braunschweig, Germany),    
Italian Theatre in Cherbourg-Octeville (France) 

International Young Critic's Award - Best Performance 
FAST FORWARD - Festival for Young Directors - Best Performance 
Highest Georgian Theatre Award DURUJI 2014 - Best Director 
Sandro Akhmeteli Award - Best Director 
International Critics Associasion (Georgia) - Best Performance

Incredibly skillful portrayal of the invisible war-trauma...
Fredrik Wadstrom, Swedish Radio

It is young and brilliant Royal District Theatre from Georgia. I have been with them in Tbilisi three times and always saw great, wise, beautiful and aesthetically elaborate theatre on important issues. But Women of Troy surpasses what I’ve seen before... It is a boundlessly beautiful performance, but aesthetics does not stand between the women and the audience... it’s timeless and agonizingly relevant. There is still room for fun and lust for life, and I am once more reminded of what fantastic actors Georgia has.
Margareta Sörenson, Expressen (Sweden)

"the musicality of the performance is outstanding as the director Data Tavadze pays a lot of attention to the meaning of each sound. The women's voice blend into perfection, creating a homogenous narrative divided into individual stories."

Alexandra Kotapska / playstosee.com / 

The show, despite its minimalistic style, is so rich with unforgettable images, phrases... that every viewer will single out his or her own... for me it was the smile on actresses faces - smile as a counterpoint to what is told about war atrocities... an open defying answer to the central question of the show:

How should one talk about mourning?
 Radio Liberty/Free Europe (Prague) / 

Once more I was assured that there is a new theatre in Georgia - meaning: new vision, new way of thinking new theatrical language, original, individual and distinguished - all that we call true art. 
Tbilisi Out Magazine / 

Women of Troy is a little more than just a theatre show; it brought the heartbeat back to contemporary Georgian theatre. It is a social action that dares to talk about war... call it whatever you like - a political, actual, feminist, social act - I would call it Alive.
 ARILI Magazine (Georgia) / 

Shocking piece that brings political dimension of mourning back to theatre.
Premieres Magazine / 

"...stunning performance...” “Under the brilliant direction of Data Tavadze, with credit to the intelligent text devised by Davit Gabunia, Georgia’s Royal District Theatre presents a relevant,
beautiful and utterly devastating performance piece."
Philomena Bradford for Applause / 



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